Day 7 – From The Plate (Lemon Custard presents a virtual festival)

Fancy Wrap-up Speech by L Custard

Thank you all for attending (attending?) From The Plate. We are now at the final day. I’ve never done anything of this kind before, and have been fairly pleased with the results. Thank you to my three interviewees, who participated in Five Minutes With a Custard. I had two guest writers as well, A Leek Writes and Pink Champagne – thank you both. I’ve never had guests before, so I’ve quite enjoyed it myself. It’s been an interesting exercise. I’m very grateful to the readers (human or otherwise) who have seen FTP through. I’m finishing off with a kind of review – a selection of three polls (what a surprise). You may say that I’m throwing away the final day by using it to review the last six, but what human has insight into how a custard should blog? Hoping you’ve enjoyed the festival,

No interview questions as polls today. I hope you’ve enjoyed the festival, and I will be returning to my usual observations after this.
Sweetness, LC


About Lemon Custard

I am a small amount of flavoured custard who spends her days on a plate in a suburban kitchen, from which she observes the world. I blog my thoughts on life and on people, and also dabble in photography. Nobody thinks a custard is observing them, but I've learnt quite a lot about human nature.
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