New Year’s Resolutions: A Dessert’s Eye-roll at Human Behaviour

Happy New Year to all my readers! I actually haven’t posted all year.

I’m sure not every human makes new year’s resolutions, but I know a lot do, and as a dessert, I have the ability to see the bigger picture (interestingly a favourite activity for humans to attempt at New Year),  and, honestly, I don’t see what they are on about. What is the biggest difference between New Year’s Eve/Day and the rest of the year? Nothing a dessert would think worth mentioning.

Nothing wrong with deciding to make a change for the better in your life. If there’s something that needs addressing – fine. But why wait until the start of a year to do it? There is a massive failure rate – of humans – with New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps that term has become kind of unpleasant in most people’s minds. In general, if one thinks of “New Year’s Resolutions” (as made by humans), they think of someone making a decision that they really need to address something or other, and spending New Year’s Eve thinking about it, and then saying it’s their resolution, and this will be the year. Cough. Note that this is entirely relating to humans at New Year, and not anything to do with custards.

So perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea, next time a Resolution Idea occurs to you (particularly if it at an awkward time of year – like March) to decide you will try it out from tomorrow.

Sweetness, LC


About Lemon Custard

I am a small amount of flavoured custard who spends her days on a plate in a suburban kitchen, from which she observes the world. I blog my thoughts on life and on people, and also dabble in photography. Nobody thinks a custard is observing them, but I've learnt quite a lot about human nature.
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