Humans and Mosquitos

I find that many of my observations are on humans. They are pretty interesting.

It is summer where I am, though this page is snowing, and mosquitos are plentiful. With my faithful plastic food-cover I have nothing to fear, but humans feel differently. Here is a quote from one of the humans in my household: “Gherouohere!” Translation: get out of here. This is the said human’s favourite thing to say to mosquitos. Below is how an encounter usually goes:

Mozzie approaches human quietly before making sudden noise in ear.

Mozzie: Bzzz

Human: Oh – mozzie! Gherouohere!

Mozzie: Bzzz pause bzzz.

Human’s temper rises. Human waves hand near ear.

Human: Gherouohere! Stupid things. Come and bzz right in your ear, you know. Can’t stand it.

Mozzie bzzzes a bit more. Human gets crosser and tries to clap hands on mozzie.

Human: Missed him! Where is he?

Mozzie sneaks off. Human is unable to locate mozzie for further attempt.

Human: This is one thing I hate about summer. Mozzies everywhere! I’m going to Europe.

Human doesn’t but threatens to regularly over the summer.

I might consider writing an Act Two.

Sweetness, LC

About Lemon Custard

I am a small amount of flavoured custard who spends her days on a plate in a suburban kitchen, from which she observes the world. I blog my thoughts on life and on people, and also dabble in photography. Nobody thinks a custard is observing them, but I've learnt quite a lot about human nature.
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One Response to Humans and Mosquitos

  1. Ah, but there are plenty of mossies in Europe to, maybe not right now, but in the summer we have loads these days. I hate the buzzing as well, drives me to distraction!

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