An Observation on Humans and Computers

I haven’t made any posts for a while, I’ve been quite busy (custard does get busy). The people in my house have been getting ready for Christmas, and Christmas is a busy time for custards.

It came to my attention that many humans often get very cross when a computer is slow. Many’s the time I’ve heard cries of “Come on!” or “I don’t believe this! I’m throwing this thing [the computer] out the window tomorrow!” coming from the computer room. Once a person came storming into the kitchen where my plate lies, evidently in an awful temper, and said to another person “Oh, my God, the computer is so bad I’m going to scream”. I wonder how bad it really was. There are plenty of very patient people around, but when faced with a computer taking less than half a second to load something, they suddenly get cross. Really, it’s quite amazing that a machine that is fairly simple to operate can display things as quickly as it does, and though many people seem to have reasonable patience with humans gathering information, they expect a lot of machines.

Sweetness, LC

About Lemon Custard

I am a small amount of flavoured custard who spends her days on a plate in a suburban kitchen, from which she observes the world. I blog my thoughts on life and on people, and also dabble in photography. Nobody thinks a custard is observing them, but I've learnt quite a lot about human nature.
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2 Responses to An Observation on Humans and Computers

  1. I think humans can learn a lot from the musings and patience of custard.

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